Our Services

DAAMC is a general practice hospital that provides patient-centered medicine at all stages of life. Our goal is to build a relationship of trust so that we can collaboratively manage your health. For patients who require more complex care, having a primary care physician can help reduce the risk of poor medical outcomes. Our physicians coordinate care between providers and offers a wide range of community support services.

Physical Exams

Whether it’s preventive care or specific needs, we can help you get a physical examination when you need it. We offer complete physicals and DOT tests for work, school and sports.

  • Admission and physical exam
  • Routine Blood Test¬†
  • Screening Test

Chronic Disease Management

Our Chronic Care Management (CCM) services improve the coordination and management of chronic conditions to reduce hospital and emergency room visits, improve outcomes, and provide additional services and support.

  • Chronic Care Management Study
  • Comprehensive annual care plan
  • Coordinate care with professionals, family, and community resources.
  • Telehealth Family Conference

Available Healthcare Services

Acute Inpatient Services

Computed Tomography

Community Health Education Classes

CPR, General First Aid

Diabetes Education


Emergency Care


Outpatient, Ambulatory Care

Outpatient & Wellness Clinic


Primary Care/General Medicine

Radiology & Imaging Services


Referral Services

Specialist Consultation


Trauma Care

Women Health-Maternity Services

Women Health

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