Does Acceledent Actually Work?



Do you worry about your teeth and the way your smile looks? Do you have braces but can’t wait to have them removed?

If you are in one or both of these categories, you may have heard about AcceleDent. AcceleDent is a new technology designed to rapidly speed up the process of fixing your teeth. 

But, the questions everyone wants answered are: Does AcceleDent work? Can it really reduce the time you have to wear braces and straighten your teeth? Read on to find out the truth here.

What Is AcceleDent?

To know whether or not it works, it is useful to learn a little bit about AcceleDent. AcceleDent is an orthodontic product that helps to remodel your teeth. It is a hands-free device that you put over your teeth for around 20 minutes each day. The user just has to bite down lightly on the molds to keep it in place.  

The molds for your teeth are connected to a lightweight activator that releases micropulses to the molds. These micropulses are transferred through the teeth to the surrounding bones, promoting movement. The pulses are accurately calibrated to ensure bone movement occurs safely and comfortably.

The AcceleDent system is used alongside other orthodontic treatments like braces, clear braces, or Invisalign. That means you can’t skip over these other treatments altogether. However, by using AccelDent, you can get rid of them faster. 

Does AcceleDent Work?

The main benefit of the treatment is reducing the amount of time the patient needs to spend with braces or Invisalign. AcceleDent has been clinically proven to speed up tooth movement by up to 50%. Given that some patients may require braces for at least one year, cutting that time in half makes a big difference. 

Another really positive benefit of AcceleDent is that it can significantly increase the comfort of the patient as their teeth and bones are realigned. This will be very comforting to you, particularly if you require extensive orthodontic repositioning. 

If you are unsure still, you might feel good about the fact that AccelDent is the first and only orthodontic vibration device that has been approved by the FDA. This is a good indicator that the product is both safe and medically proven. 

If you are interested or still concerned whether AcceleDent does work, you should seek out professional advice about accelerated orthodontic work. 

The Verdict

AcceleDent really does work. It has gone through a number of clinical trials and it has been approved by the FDA. So, does AcceleDent work?

The verdict is that this treatment can really assist doctors and patients in achieving positive results. Not only can the patient’s teeth be realigned more quickly, but AcceleDent can also make this process more comfortable. 

Perhaps most importantly, AcceleDent has been shown to be a safe and healthy way of achieving a straighter smile. 

So, now you know it works. If you have braces or you are thinking about getting them, you can probably worry a little less about the process. 

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